This new app can tell you how innovative you are

Introduced by My Dinh, Jessica (Yuan) Gu, Aaron (Lin) Lu, Dayou Wang, Yan Zeng, Yujun Zou 

What if a computer could tell you who to hire for a job? Or what career field you should consider entering?

Well now, a group of six UC Berkeley students from the campus’s Data-X lab have created a tool that can do just that. But this isn’t your standard career test. The students are using machine learning to better predict the employability and personality of job applicants.

Using the answers from a 37-question survey, the tool they’ve created can estimate how innovative a potential job applicant will be and place them into one of four personality groups: administrator, captain, critic or communicator. The program is intended to be a hiring tool for human resources, but it can also tell  applicants themselves what their strengths and weaknesses are or what career fields they should consider.

The team members used a variety of statistical procedures and data engineering methods to complete the project. For some of the students, it was their first time working with machine learning.

You can take the survey and learn more about your own personality and employability here.