What do you want for dinner? This new app can tell you

Introduced by Pouriya Bagheri, Jennifer Chen, Jessica Kam and Dhruv Madaan

There are dozens of apps that can help you decide where to eat, but what happens once you’re faced with the decision of picking an option off the menu? After getting you into the door of the restaurant, many of these apps fall short.

But Eat Easy is different. Created by four UC Berkeley students, this web application finds you the best item to order at the restaurant where you’re eating.

After conducting a significant amount of independent research on how to best assign ratings to menu items, the team of students leveraged existing technologies like the Python web-framework Flask to create models that can determine the tastiest thing a restaurant has to offer.

Currently, the app’s creators are focusing on restaurants in the Phoenix, Arizona area, but they hope that with more data they will be able to expand to other cities in the future and help people across the country find the best thing to eat, wherever they may be.