The Data-X course and project brings together students, technical experts, start-up companies, and executives.  Each brings a different perspective to data, algorithms, and scale. In addition, you get an opportunity to buy article online if you become a member of the Data-X course.

Advisors and Mentor Directory for Data-X

Data-X Advisors:

  • Peter Cnudde, VP Yahoo!
  • Shomit Ghose, Partner OnSet Ventures
  • Nita Sharma, Product Development Leader
  • Paul O’Leary, CTO, Kissmetrics
  • Gerry Pesavento, Sr. Director Yahoo! Inc.
  • Kevin Bozhe Li, UC Berkeley, IEOR
  • Roberto Zicari, Visiting Professor at UC Berkeley, Full Professor at the J.W. Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Sanjeev Verma, Blockchain

New Ventures Advisors with Potential Projects:

  • Yaron Oren, CEO Maverick
  • Antonio Vitti, Founder, AI SaaS start-up CFO
  • Scott Jarr, Co-founder, VoltDB
  • Aleks Gollu, CEO Founder
  • Cyril Ebersweiler, Partner SOSV, Hardware
  • Steven Gustafson, Chief Scientist, MAANA

Berkeley Venture Teams with Potential Projects:

  • Ted Xiao, Berkeley Venture Team
  • Sampath Duddu, Berkeley Venture Team
  • Luigi Rodrigues, Berkeley Venture Team
  • Dax Vivid, PhD., Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Berkeley

Student Resource Groups:

  • Valley Consulting Group: Kunal Desai, President, Jason Bao, John Yang, Valley, Aakash Shah, Andrew Low
  • Blockchain Advising: Blockchain at Berkeley

Project Concept Links:

Extended Mentor Network:

  • Amir Najian, Geospatial Data Scientist at RMS – Geospatial Machine Learning and uncertainty modeling in Geocoder systems
  • Phil Kaminsky, IEOR/Supply Chain, UC Berkeley
  • Sujit Chakravarthy, Financial Industry
  • Amit Nagpal, Yahoo, Architect and Director
  • Fabio Gava, Samsung SRA, Senior Director, Smart TV Software
  • Patrick Chung, Partner X-Fund
  • Jessika Lora, CEO & Founder of TheCarForce
  • Prof. Yannis Charalabidis, University of the Aegean
  • Nagaraju Chayapathi, Data Goverance, Intuit
  • Shail Rajput, Western Digital, Director, Data Solutions
  • Ed Fernandez, Early stage & Startup VC. Advisor
  • Sowmya Ramani, Criteo, Senior Engineering Program Manager (EPM)
  • Chunlei Zhang, Applied Materials, Senior Engineering Manager
  • Rajkumar Chandrasekaran, Former Director of Engineering (Diner Experience) at OpenTable
  • Ian Lee, Executive in Residence at IDEO
  • Meral Shirazipour, Senior Researcher, Ericsson Research – Machine Intelligence, GF Technology & Emerging Business
  • Suzanne Tan, Director, Yahoo,  – Video and Display Advertising
  • Stephen Torres, UC Berkeley