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For Data, AI, and Information Technology & Systems

Ikhlaq Sidhu, UC Berkeley (contact)
Arash Nourian, UC Berkeley (contact)

Data-X is a framework designed at UC Berkeley for learning and applying AI, data science, and emerging technologies. Data-X fills a gap between theory and practice to empower data and AI projects.  Data-X projects create new ventures, new research, and corporate innovations all over the world.

Who is it for:
For students interested in careers, new ventures, and innovative projects in areas related to data science and information technology systems.


What is the problem:
Taking a purely theoretical course is not enough.  Students often take course after course in technical subject areas without being able to implement, apply, and/or make an innovative impact.

The Solution:
Data-X places a real life innovative emerging technology project at the center of a learning experience that includes powerful tools, theory, and innovation behaviors and mindset.  Data-X also builds on Innovation Engineering, a powerful framework for guiding innovation projects. 


Unlike Other Courses:
Bring your own ideas into an integrative project that can help students pursue new opportunities ranging from starting a new venture to interviewing for industry positions.

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Curriculum at Berkeley

At UC Berkeley, Data-X is offered as a 3 unit class called Applied Data Science with Venture Applications.

Applied Data Science with Venture Applications
Spring 2019 course information:

  • Undergrad: INDENG 135
  • Grad Section: INDENG 290
  • Location: See https://classes.berkeley.edu/
  • Prerequisite: Students should have a working knowledge of Python, have completed a fundamental probability / statistics course, as well as have a basic understanding Linear Algebra.

While the course offers instruction on tools and methods in data science, the Data-X project includes new open-ended problems with industry, social, and venture perspectives on utilizing data for rapid impact. Click here to see examples of projects completed earlier semesters.

Masterclasses for Technical Leaders and Executives

Past and Upcoming Workshops, Bootcamps and talks related to Data-X:

  • Data-X Masterclass for Technical Leaders, Hightech Summit, Germany, February 2019
  • CIO Connect Data Science Master Class, From Data Strategy to Implementation, Hong Kong Sept 2018
  • Applied Analytics for Competitive Advantage: Data Strategies for Disruptive Impact Manilla, Philippines Sept. 2018
  • Data-X lectures on AI and Blockchain, ICE-IEEE Conference, Stuttgart, Germany, June 19th 2018 (ICE/IEEE website)
  • Data-X Masterclass for Technical Leaders, HKBU, Hong Kong, May 24th-25th 2018
  • Data-X Masterclass, Applied Analytics in Business Projects, University of Economics, Prague, April 26-27th 2018 (Official Website)
  • Data-X Masterclass for Technical Leaders, Hong Kong, January 25th-26th, 2018 (Github link, HKBU event, SCET article)
  • “Research Trends in AI with Venture Applications”, at GMIC, Hong Kong, October 2017
  • “Turning Data into Dollars”, CIO Connect, Hong Kong, September 11, 2017
  • “Data at Scale, AI, and Business Models”, Jardines CIO Conference, July 2017
  •  “How Data and AI Affect Business, Government, and Society”, July 2017

Data-X Breadth: Trends & Industry Updates