What are the crypto-traders talking about?

Contact: Anand Gomes, [email protected] & Elias Humberto, [email protected]

Introduced by the team at Paradigm. About Paradigm: We are powering the $230+ Billion OTC crypto market by building a conversational interface for institutional traders. Our mission is to increase revenue and efficiency which makes traders lives easier by providing AI-driven tools such as automated trading and counterparty discovery within a native chat application.

Problem: In the absence of a proper valuation framework, scammy, sentiment-based speculation is the primary driver of price changes in the crypto-currency market. Therefore, understanding the “zeitgeist” of the market, encapsulated in trader conversations on Twitter, Reddit and Telegram could provide a valuable price signal. Questions such as

  • “Did you see how ridiculous that ICO was?”
  • “Did you see how much money they raised?”
  • “Did you see how shitty their white-paper was?”

Solution: The goal of the project is extract a set of conversational and sentiment based metrics (a few mentioned below) from Twitter, Reddit and Telegram scrapes. These metrics will be the first step towards creating a visualization / dashboard that is easily digestible for traders. The visualization need not be included in the scope of this project.

  • What is the community talking about and feeling now?
  • How elated or despondent are they about a particular token? How often is the token being mentioned and where? (i.e. in Pump and Dump Groups?)
  • Can we identify a developing trend early enough that can be a valuable price signal? What does the noise/signal ratio look like?

Data Set: Scrapes of Twitter, Steemit, Medium, Telegram, Reddit and WeChat groups. Identify the target groups in Telegram


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