Crypto-Currency Exchanges

Contact: Anand Gomes, [email protected] & Elias Humberto, [email protected]

Introduced by the team at Paradigm. About Paradigm: We are powering the $230+ Billion OTC crypto market by building a conversational interface for institutional traders. Our mission is to increase revenue and efficiency which makes traders lives easier by providing AI-driven tools such as automated trading and counter-party discovery within a native chat application.

Problem: We have access to daily pricing data for over 90 crypto-currency exchanges. This is a chance for students to get creative and come up with ideas on what meaningful insight we can extract from this data.

Solution: You tell us what you want to do with it! Want to predict crypto-currency prices, or want to use our data for research? Do you want experiment with cutting edge modeling formulations on real data?

We have so much data for you! If +200 million rows of data is not enough, we can get you thousands of preprocessed news articles. Still want more data? Then reach out to us. We are always looking for novel ways of using our in-house tools and information.

Why should you wanna work on this?

  • Your work will directly impact the daily trading of billions of dollars of crypto assets globally by making traders lives easier! Does not get more impactful than this!
  • Opportunity to be mentored by a ML Project Lead who has already worked for over 6 months on the project (avoid the mistakes and focus on the cool stuff)
  • Opportunity to be mentored by a Senior ML / NLP Research Scientist at Uber AI Labs
  • Opportunity to work directly with the CEO and CTO of a really cool (and growing!) Fintech company
  • You get to combine scraping, API accessing, time series modeling, NN implementation, NLP, and complex visualization in one month! Seldom do students get exposed to such a complex, real-time and awesome implementations!