Concept: Early Earthquake Warning

Introduced by Alejandro Cantu, CEO of SkyAlert, [email protected].

A seismic network is deployed along the Pacific Coast, one of the seismic actives zones in Mexico. The network is composed of a set of sensors grouped by clusters, each cluster is located in different cities, each cluster can allocate from 1 to 5 sensors. Every time the system confirms an earthquake, the parameter MDACT changes from OFF to ON.


Based on the database, determine the best way to notify the occurrence of an earthquake, taking into account:
1. One single station trigger
2. Multi-station trigger
3. Correlation between the seismic catalog and the sensors database.
4. Additionally, take into account that we want to sense and report medium to large magnitude earthquakes which are usually the ones that affect cities the most and avoid sensing/reporting small earthquakes.
5. Some of the earthquakes that were felt in Mexico City, determine a rule to notify those earthquakes.

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