AI Music Software development student cooperation opportunity

I’m looking for someone who is familiar with AI technology at UC Berkeley to cooperate with me, a student studying composition at Berklee College of Music, to develop the AI Music Software. I hope in the near future that music can truly belong to everyone, as we all should have the chance to create unique songs to express ourselves and drive human civilization.
The basic idea is to let AI aid in the writing of music by generating part of the sound by selecting the style of a particular composer.  From a musician’s perspective, this software development requires huge data collection and analysis work. We need to analyze the composition technology such as the structure, orchestration, and characters of melody used by different composers. For the sound piece, the sound frequency each composer uses must be collected and analyzed.
For example, Dvorak frequently used brass as a melodic instrument when he
wrote symphonies. The sound frequency for brass instruments is around 400-800 Hz.
So, if a user chooses Dvorak as the musician in the AI Music Software, the system will
automatically generate a group of data, among which most of the sound frequencies will be around 400-800 Hz. As a result, the software will choose brass as a melodic instrument for this unique song.
If interested in cooperating with me on this project, please contact Bodee Borjigin at . Thank you!

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