Concept: Deep Learning and NLP for Personalized Sales Email Generation

Introduced by Yaron Oren, Founder & CEO of B2B Lead Generation is big business. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on it, yet generating high quality businesses leads remains every Sales & Marketing organization’s top challenge from small startups to large enterprises. We all get inbound email solicitations that are broad, unoriginal, and appear to have been generated from a robotic-like template. When we get something personalized, there is usually a high level of manual and expensive effort behind it. Can we automate and improve the current email generation process by leveraging several deep learning algorithms and social genome to compose personal emails? Can we create an AI Engine to compose a sophisticated email generator that is personal and hooks the reader in? In tackling this problem you will both source publicly available email training data (we can point you in the right direction) as well as explore advanced NLP techniques and supervised and unsupervised deep learning algorithms ranging from Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) + LSTMs to Deep Boltzmann Machines / AutoEncoders.

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