UC Berkeley students created a website that can help visualize earthquake waning systems

Introduced by Krystal Ren, Jerry Jiehan Wang, Endre Hauge Paulsen, Mari Hovem Leonhardsen

Earthquakes occur almost every day all over the world. Geologists and engineers have been working hard on how to develop a reliable earthquake early warning system to reduce the casualties as much as possible. But for the people without any geographic and coding knowledge, have you ever wonder how the prediction system works?

A group of UC Berkeley Students have been working with the Mexican company SkyAlert to develop a data visualization product for both customers and internal team to visualize the earthquake data sets and understand how the system works. With a well-developed website, both customers and staff can easily understand how each sensor reacts to an earthquake, even without any geographic knowledge background.

The students hope their product can help the company better understand their data base, detect errors, and ultimately to improve the system.