Do you pay exorbitant amounts of money every year on a home security system? Do you rely on closed circuit security footage to protect your house? Do you opt not to have a home security system entirely because it would be too costly – both for your wallet and your schedule – to maintain? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions (and even if you didn’t) you’re in luck! Announcing the release of NightCrawler by the cheaper, more reliable, and simpler home security set-up. With the NightCrawler home security web application, all you need is a camera stream to set up outside or inside your home, and a $4.99/month subscription purchased through the NightCrawler app.

NightCrawler will avoid bothering you with false alarms whenever a non-threat, say a car or a pet, moves into the camera frame. Instead, using our image classification model, NightCrawler will only notify you when a human presence enters the frame. With the subscription, easily connect the webcam to your personal account and you’re done! You will only be notified when a person is in the field of view of your webcam. Further updates will be coming to Nightcrawler which will allow you to have more versatility in your notification system. Users will be able to configure custom notification settings, specifying periods of downtime to further eliminate false positives associated with family members coming and going. In addition, you can have the option to pick how you’d like to be alerted — whether that’s via SMS, phone call, push notification, and/or email. Save yourself from dealing with the big security companies who view your house as just another address. Take control of your home security, with NightCrawler.