Artists can determine a song’s success rate with the Spotify Song Success Predictor

Introduced by Martin Ziran Xu, Ricky Pan, Liam Shi, Deep Mistry, and Brian Long

Imagine you are a musician who doesn’t know what appeals to the world nowadays. With the advent of streaming services such Spotify, Sound Cloud, Apple Music, and Tidal, there are billions of songs out there — most of which don’t even get a listen. To make it to the top of the charts, songs must appeal to the masses, which means including musical features other popular songs have.

In the ever-competitive music industry, it is hard enough for new artists to break through and become popular. Our project allows new artists to see in which regions of the world they might be successful based on their song’s musical features. It is thus a tool for new, upcoming artists to manage their budget smartly and target the right markets from the start.