PilotCity: Students are from Mars, Employers are from Venus

Contact: Derrick Lee, [email protected]

Imagine an engine for innovation for small-to-medium sized cities… Okay now imagine the local high school students of these cities becoming the protagonist for civic transformation in their cities. PilotCity is creating an engine for innovation for cities by building career pathway systems for students to enter the workforce. We do this by hosting in-classroom project-based challenges driven by employers that lead to at-workplace work-based experiences such as internships and fellowships. How would you simulate the presence of an employer in the classroom to be the best project advisor to the student while saving time for the busy working professional? Developing on platform technologies such as voice-activated assistants such as Google Home, and/or telepresence technology such as Double Robotics – prototype a “wormhole” solution for students and employers to communicate during these multi-week project-based challenges to accelerate project advisory despite the vast connection of space and time between the classroom and the workplace.