Deep Genomic Analytics for Disease Prediction

Contact: Johannes Bhakdi, [email protected]

About Quantgene:

We’re a stealth genomic analytics startup in Berkley, California that leads the way in single- molecule-precision cancer and disease detection. Our data team pushes the frontier of data science in biology to provide a new level of protection based on deep genomics data, statistical learning and cutting-edge sequencing technology. Different from other companies in our field, we don’t revert back to off-the-shelf analytics, but break new ground in computational and statistical biology every day to tackle the most complex data problems in modern bioscience.

About the Problem:

You will work with our bioinformatics team on deep genomic datasets to detect new patterns relevant to cancer and disease detection. Our approach to deep data analytic matches the complexity of our field: we don’t apply off-the-shelf algorithms but create new approaches customized to achieve our objectives: to filter and clean up fuzzy datasets; to isolate signals and to algorithmically detect and refine patterns. The data sets you will work on are complex, unconventional and fuzzy. You’ll participate in cutting-edge research in statistical and computational modeling and inference of biology. This is not a conventional “data scientist” job – it’s a job for true data hackers and masters in recognizing patterns when conventional machine learning fails. Our methods lead the way in deep genomic analytics and are designed to provide maximum health protection in the real world. You don’t need a background in biology, but you do need to love data and pattern recognition.