Build an AI-powered Education

Contact: James Hodson,  [email protected]

Short Description: SDG04 aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Detailed Description: The value of human capital – the share of human capital in total wealth – is 62 percent.  That’s four times the value of produced capital and 15 times the value of natural capital.  Globally, we – governments, private sector, families, individuals – spend more than $5.6 trillion a year on education and training. Countries spend 5 percent of GDP on education or 20 percent of their national budget. Education employs about five percent of the labor force. Global average cost per child for full course of schooling, including pre-primary education is 5,806.6 USD. The objective of this project is to model the economic loss of developing countries due to the lack of population with secondary education. Projects will include Machine Learning models, data management platforms, and visualization engines to allow communities to interact with the data and assist in decision making. Successful projects will have the opportunity to present their products in front of community leaders, researchers, and policy-makers at the AI for Good Foundation Global Conference in 2019!


Possible Data Sets:

Stat Planet: Here.

World Bank:



Global Partnership for Education:

Our World in Data:

More data…