Concept: The University Bot

Introduced by Charalabidis Yannis, Associate Professor at University of the Aegean. Design and prototyping of a bot for a university community. Places, processes, tips, catalogues at the tips of your finger. A prototype is under construction with node.js and several greek NLP resources for Uni Aegean through a student thesis, due 2/2018.

Concept: Materials Recycling using Machine Learning

Introduced by Gerry Pesavento, Sr. Director Yahoo! Inc. Tensorflow deployed on a Raspberry Pi 3 to automatically sort trash, - an early hack, and much can be done to improve it.  Trash, a $75B industry, has virtually no data - it's an industry that can be disrupted with data and machine learning.

Concept: Insights from Personal Photos

Introduced by Gerry Pesavento, Sr. Director Yahoo! Inc. From a users photos, one can compute an accurate contextual advertising profile including hobbies, events, age, ethnicity, gender, work/home address, and current product ownership.  Currently advertising profiles are done through web clicks and purchase intent; a more accurate profile is possible through photo analysis.  This project can …

Fuzzy Joins – A Modeling Discussion for Probabilistic Joins in Data Tables

By Ikhlaq Sidhu Discussion version 1.0 A common problem with data algorithms these days to infer information with a probabilistic join.  The goal is typically to guess an outcome related to an element in a data table.  We may have indirect information, but we do not have direct information about the outcome For example: Who …

Concept: Faculty Research Matching with NLP and ML

Proposed by Luigi Rodrigues, Haas MBA student, start-up founder, and data-x advisor: This project supports a startup idea, which is to create an effective matching algorithm to find the best academic professors/researchers in a specific domain. Example: Given a specific knowledge area (e.g.: "information asymmetry in financial markets" or "building a social venture in sub-Saharan Africa") I …