Sports tech

Contacts: Panna Felsen (, Mike Devlin (, Heather Lockwood (
Problem: The average athlete, who is looking to improve their strength & conditioning, often relies on at least one of the following: 1) information scraped online through YouTube videos, sites like, social media, etc.; 2) personal training; or 3) an online coach. Each of these approaches has their own set of various drawbacks, including misinformation, high expenses, and delayed coach interactions.
Solution: Our project is focused on building a platform that will democratize and improve the access to the RIGHT information, in order to enhance performance, safety and overall progress of the average athlete. By leveraging the camera available in most people’s pockets (e.g., a smartphone) and recent research in computer vision and machine learning, we aim to bring the knowledge and technique required for safe & successful lifting to your pocket. The technology we build will capture the intuition and knowledge of personal trainers and strength coaches to help the average athlete improve their performance.
Why should you work on this?
 • You’re passionate about sports, athletics, or general fitness
 • Opportunity to work alongside leading AI researchers at UC Berkeley
 • Opportunity to work with individuals with experience in Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Investment Banking
 • Opportunity to work with experienced strength coaches
 • An exciting work environment and a chance to help build technology from the ground floor!