Concept: US Power Plant project

Introduced by Antonio Vitti, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Technology Executive formerly with Merchant Atlas, Inc. and Dr. Steven Gustafson, Chief Scientist at Maana. The goal for this project would be to predict future energy prices on a price per kilowatt hour basis for a specific gas fired electric power plant, preferably located in the USA but also open to other countries, assuming fixed competitive supply in its local market over the next 5 years. Government, satellite imagery, weather, economic, demographic, social media, and financial energy market pricing data and other relevant/alternative data sources, could be used as inputs. Building on the Spring class’s work, and feedback I’ve received from 7Puentes, we could focus more on longer term times scales (day vs. week scales or even monthly periods), which would better fit the goal of building a model that focuses more on longer term macro trends and not on short-term daily price changes. Also, would suggest focusing on one simpler (but promising) model and finding/constraining the best data for that model, rather than deep learning models which may require a lot of data that could be difficult to obtain given the time constraints of the class.

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