Concept: Creating a real-time newsbot

Introduced by Jason Best, Vectr Ventures,, David Law, SCET Berkeley,, and Anand Gomes, CEO & Founder at RiskEx (,

Concept: Creating a real-time newsbot that scrapes and publishes the most relevant news based on one or more tickerized asset classes and related filters. These news items are then inputted to a single-page web-widget. This will be the first truly “unbundled” news bot for the financial markets.  

Problem: Even in 2018, there is currently no free or inexpensive way of aggregating news that is relevant to a specific asset class in a single-page-application by simply toggling the asset class, using its ticker. Certain paid services such as Bloomberg and Reuters do a pretty good job but they cost $25K / year and there is no way to “unbundle” their news offerings. This is similar to what is happening with cable television and the desire to purchase only the specific channels that you watch/care about.

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