Concept: 3D body scanner to revolutionize how we discover & shop for clothing

Introduced by Richard D. Berwick, Co-founder, Twindom, 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, and 3D SAAS, (765) BER-WICK |
What Twindom does:
Twindom is leveraging the photorealistic quality of our 3D body scanner and the data we’ve captured to date to produce Drapr, a Virtual Fitting product. Our goal is to revolutionize how we discover and shop for clothing by applying bleeding edge research in body scanning, body modeling, physics simulation, geometry processing, machine learning and more.
Who we are:
As a team, we (1) seek to be world class, (2) get things done, (3) love to learn, (4) thirst to build products customers love, and (5) believe you have to act differently and creatively to stand out. If you believe in these principles, you’ll fit in well at Twindom. We’re looking for the best in the world – and if that is you, you’re a good candidate for the job.
What you’ll do:
You will be responsible for designing and developing major components of the virtual fitting pipeline. Our small and dedicated team is currently tackling a wide variety of problems in computer vision, including image segmentation, mesh segmentation, image recognition, mesh manipulation, rendering, body modeling, physics simulation, and 3D scanning. The challenges we encounter are endless — and as a current/past Cal student, you know how to solve problems.

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